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Summerlin Top Luxury Residential Sales of the Year


Summerlin’s Top Residential Sales of the Year: A Showcase of Luxury and History

Nestled in the heart of the Las Vegas Valley, Summerlin stands as a testament to luxury living and the rich history of one of America’s most dynamic cities. From its origins as a vast expanse of desert purchased by Howard Hughes in the 1950s, Summerlin has evolved into one of the wealthiest communities in the region, boasting some of Clark County’s most prestigious homes. As we look back at this year, let’s explore the top five residential sales in Summerlin that have set new standards of luxury.

5. A Prime Land Deal at 11675 Discovery Canyon Drive

Kicking off our list is not a home, but a remarkable land purchase within the esteemed Summit Club. In July, a $12 million transaction secured a parcel promising unparalleled valley views adjacent to the golf course. The buyers, Steven Shapiro and James Nagel of Cloud Nine Trust, envision a future home that complements the breathtaking landscape, signifying the allure of luxury living in Summerlin. Learn more about the Summit Club and its offerings at The Summit Club.

4. Zen Luxury at 4909 Vegas Hills Court

This exquisite property in Summerlin South’s SkySummit community sold for $15.5 million in July, featuring seven bedrooms, seven bathrooms, and an impressive 8,936 square feet of living space. Its floor-to-ceiling windows and private Zen garden on nearly an acre of land epitomize the serene elegance available in Summerlin. Discover more about Summerlin South and its unique communities at Summerlin South.

3. Skyspace Elegance at 7 Painted Feather Way

September witnessed the sale of Skyspace in The Ridges for $15.9 million, a home renowned for its luxurious Italian Scavolini kitchen among other premium amenities. With five bedrooms and six bathrooms spread over 12,162 square feet, this property exemplifies the pinnacle of modern luxury. Explore luxury listings in The Ridges at The Ridges Las Vegas.

2. Affluent Living at 11765 Discovery Canyon Drive

The Summit Club, known for its affluence, was the setting for an August sale at $21.2 million. This 8,419 square-foot residence boasts six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, and a pool, underlining the exceptional lifestyle afforded in Summerlin. Gain insights into The Summit Club’s luxury lifestyle at The Summit Club Real Estate.

1. Celine Dion’s Record-Setting Mansion at 10850 Summit Club Drive

Topping our list is Canadian icon Celine Dion’s Summit Club mansion, which sold in April for an unprecedented $30 million — a new record for Las Vegas. Dion’s investment in the unfinished home in 2017 for $9.2 million culminated in a landmark sale to an LLC connected to Chuck Esserman. Delve into the story behind this record-setting sale at Las Vegas Luxury Homes.

Reflections on a Year of Luxury

These top sales not only reflect the exclusivity and desirability of Summerlin but also signal the continued evolution and appeal of Las Vegas as a premier destination for luxury real estate. For those aspiring to luxury living or seeking to invest in one of the most dynamic real estate markets, Summerlin represents the zenith of opulence and history intertwined. A special thanks to the Review Journal for the condensed information.

For more insights into luxury real estate opportunities in Las Vegas, feel free to contact me. Let’s explore how you can become a part of this illustrious community – Contact me today.

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